Thursday, September 22, 2011

Who I Want to Become

When I think of who I aspire to become, I begin by thinking about all the people that I admire and trust.  My mother, my father, My grandparents.  Then I think of all the noble and great men and women from the scriptures and history as well as men and women today who are leading in large and small ways.  I am inspired by their stories and find so much to emulate.

Then I begin to think of all the people for whom I need to be noble, great, and worthy of admiration and trust.  These give purpose and form to my aspirations.

For my children:  I want to become a wise mother who chooses her battles and senses when enough is enough.  Better yet, I want to be the kind of mother who teaches through example and inspiration, rather than compulsion and fear.  I hope that they will never doubt that I love them.  I want them to know I am imperfect because I tell them that I'm sorry when I make a mistake.

For my husband:  I want to be his friend and confidant--a devoted companion and help-meet.  I want him feel my love because I show him love unselfishly--in ways he understands.  I want to be humble and helpful, fun and spontaneous--someone he truly enjoys being with.

For my family:  I want to become a sister and daughter who reaches out to share life.  I want to promote loyalty, unity, and love within my family bonds.  I want to become a historian of our family culture and tradition.  I want to become a strong link in the chain.

For my friends:  I want to be the kind of friend who gives rather than receives.  I want to keep confidences and inspire trust.  I want become a listener rather than a speaker.

For my country:  I want to become a defender of freedom, mainly by how I raise my children in our home.  I want to become a patriot, willing to pay the last measure of devotion that I might give the gift of freedom to my children, grandchildren, and beyond.

For my Heavenly Father:  I want to become a valiant disciple of Christ, one upon whom He can depend to follow and obey his word.  I want Him to feel my love because of the way I live.  I want to become a servant for Him.

For myself:  I want to become educated--truly educated.  I want to become enlightened.  I want to become peaceful, even in the face of deep adversity.  I want to become strong, even in the midst of deep waters.  I want to become sensitive to the gentlest promptings of the spirit.  I want to reason and intuit equally well.  I want to become what God intended me to be.

Who knows what that is--what God intended me to be?  But I have to assume that He expects greatness of me.  I am His child.  He has promised me everything He has.  So ultimately, that is what I hope to become--everything He is.

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