Monday, September 12, 2011

Carry On Mr. Bowditch - Reading Notes

Ben Meeker - Detractor, Demotivator, Uninspiring, Paid Hand (hireling), resents Nat's education and success - Leads to the path of Mediocrity
Sam Smith - Mentor, Motivator, Inspiring, Unpaid - teaches for the love of it (shepherd).  Leads to the path to greatness.  Introduces the term and major theme "sailing by ash breeze"

Sailing by ash breeze - a shipping term that referred to using the oars for power when there was no wind to move the ship. "So--when you get ahead by your own get-up-and-get--that's when you sail by ash breeze'."

Nat Bowditch keeps commonplace books, writes down everything he leans, then returns and studies his notes.  He studies the classics.

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