Thursday, September 1, 2011

Transformation Lecture Notes

TJED revolves around answering the following question:
What does God want me to do with my life and what do I need to learn (who do I need to become) to do that?

Lay the Foundation
You not them - set the example for your children.  Study every day, even if 15 minutes every day.
Study in your Core Book every day
Build a relationship of trust with your student (child)


  • Take Notes - TJED Bookmark, Pad of Paper, Write in the book
  • Freewrite (Journaling) - Let your thoughts flow on the page.  Do this every time you finish a book.

Who do I want to become?

How do you learn a new truth?
Usually, the learning of truths follows a failure.  This is difficult for a society that avoids failure at all costs.  Also, many times there will be other people who don't want you to accept new truths.  They want you to stay with them on the path of mediocrity.

Cycle of Transformation:

  1. Learn a new truth
  2. Accept it (Or reject it which leads to the path of mediocrity)
  3. Hard Work to apply it to your life (or give up and return to mediocrity)
  4. Reward
  5. Growth
  6. Which leads to the learning of new truths!!!

Challenge for September:

  • Committed study time every day
  • Core Book
  • Writing
  • Write a personal essay about who you want to become. (And comment on all the other essays that were written).  Due end of the month.

Andrea Rice: Personal Experience led to realization that "I have to be the expert for my own children."



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