Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Legacy of Liberty

This poem was written by a TJed mom for her 5 Pillars class.  It describes the miracle that has occurred in her family as a result of her beginning her war on IGNORANCE.  It was posted to the TJed MUSE forum.  I loved it so much, I have to keep it to look back at again and again for inspiration.


By Merari Sanchez 

There's been a huge explosion at our house! Learning in Freedom was the 
missile used and mom's the one who launched it.

It all started when she declared war on her own ignorance. For hours on end
she develops the muscles of her mind. The classics are her weights. Passion,
vision and love are the fabrics of her uniform. Her attack strategy is simple:
to conquer through example.

As a result, the powerful blast has left an enormous valley of curiosity for
us children to roam freely. The young ones twirl, spin and dance as if on
stage and the melodies of their made-up songs ring sweetly in our ears.
They explore and hunt through endless pages of great books while the older
ones scheme a battle of their own.

In addition, mom's calculated tactics have persuaded us to surrender to
the endless possibilities of our imaginations. Within the safety of our fort
dreams of becoming a lawyer, navy nurse and astronaut are discussed.
The prospects of living as a horse rider, doctor, and farmer are considered.

In the end, mom's crusade for truth and knowledge will bring peace
and our own campaign to learn in liberty will win the day. So bondage
be forewarned, beware of a mother with a book.

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